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                  Online store - PayPal

A bit about our store: We add items to our store
as we go along, we try to ship the same day the order
was placed, but sometimes things take longer.
If you need an item urgently, please contact us first
and let us know about any special requests.
At this time we only support PayPal purchases.


Stepper motor mounts
4 stepper motor mounts - fits NEMA23 motors with rubber pads
Price: $12.99 for a set of 4 units



Brass - 1/2-10 Right hand ACME Nut
Two Mounting holes - 8/32
Price: 11.99 each



Brass - 3/8-12 Right hand ACME Nut
Two Mounting holes - 8/32
Price: 10.99 each



ACETAL - 1/2-10 Right hand ACME Nut
Two Mounting holes - 8/32
Price: 12.99 each



Black ACETAL - 3/4-6 Right hand ACME Nut
Two Mounting holes - 8/32
Price: 19.99 each




16mm Open Bearing
16mm open bearing with pillow block
Price: $22.99



20mm Open Bearing
20mm Open bearing with pillow block
Price: $27.99


20mm Shafts for the above bearings
Length: 70"
Shafts are tapped at both ends.
Shafts are tapped in 12" interval along the length
Price: $50


Stepper Motor - NEMA23 - New
Price: $29.99

Step angle 1.8 deg
Size NEMA23
Torque 280 Oz/Inch
Voltage 6.7V
Current 3 A / Phase
Resistance 2.5Ohm / phase
Inductance 16.5 mH / Phase
Insulation Class B
Number of wires 8

Used with Unipolar drivers
Coil A

Coil B



24V power supply for the above 4 axis stepper motor driver board
Input voltage: 110VAC
Output voltage:24VDC 6A and 5VDC 6A
Price: $55



D25 Cable: for PC to board connection
D25 Male to female all 25 wires through
Price: $7.99


Metal box - used to house the electronic board above
Price: $27


Motorized Turn-Table
Fits any NEMA23 stepper motor (like the one above) - motor not included
Includes the motor mounting bracket, mounting screws and the
turn table

Price: $59



Included:  (shown above)
All metal parts needed to build the foam cutter
  2 X Axis carriages
  2 Y Axis carriages
  4 Motor Mounts
  2 End Mounts
  8 Bearing Support plates
  20 Bushings
  8 Acme Nuts 3/8-12

Not included:
1/2" shafts
3/8-12 ACME screws available at www.use-enco.com
Motors, motor drivers and motor couplers
Price: $250